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We are a Community Interest Company who specialise in exercise for the older person. Our aim is to reduce falls through strength and balance exercises, as well as offering a socially stimulating environment.

The sessions are fun, educational and increasingly challenging- but most importantly they are engaging, thus reducing isolation and loneliness. Elderfit provides a social element where individuals can meet like-minded people, make friends, and get fitter whilst doing it.

The sessions currently run in private care homes and community facilities, with group sessions and private one on one sessions available. All ranges of ages and abilities are covered, ensuring that all clients’ skill levels are catered to.

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" My 89 year old mother had to go into a Care Home following her third stroke and a fall in hospital which resulted in a broken femur and pelvis. She already suffered from arthritis and the beginning of vascular dementia (which has since progressed) and found it difficult to adjust to life in a wheel chair. Despite all of these issues it has been a revelation to see her look forward eagerly to Gareth’s classes, and her delight in being able to take part in the session. She was a competitive sportswoman and she still looks around to see how well she is doing compared with others! Gareth has devised a routine of exercises that she can follow and she is able to remember the movements from one week to the next. His patience and good humour are appreciated and, as one resident told me last week, they appreciate being treated as “normal”. The benefits of the exercises can be seen by her increased alertness immediately after as well as her maintaining a degree of strength and mobility. "

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Elderfit are People’s Project 2017 Winners!

6th April 2017

After two weeks of nervous nail biting, we’re so proud to say that Elderfit is a People’s Projects 2017 winner! We’ve been awarded £47,480 of lottery funding, which will aid us so much in helping even more people. So what’s next for Elderfit? The funding will allow us to continue supporting older people to stay fit and…

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