About Elderfit

Elderfit is A Community Interest Company founded by friends Tom and Gareth, who between them have over 30 years’ experience in the fitness industry.

After years of training a wide range of different abilities and groups, a mutual passion was discovered when they both gained experience in helping older people increase their physical abilities.

Using principles from OTAGO training, along with their extensive health and fitness knowledge, they designed a session to improve strength & balance for individuals that need it the most. The classes draw on a variety of techniques, including mobility exercises, resistance bands and hand/ leg weights. Tom and Gareth adapt all exercises to suit individual’s needs, to ensure that participants feel the full benefits of the classes.

Strength. Balance. Wellbeing.

Although the main aim of the session is to reduce the risk of falls, Elderfit also aims to strengthen upper body muscles for participants, so if a fall does happen they will be more able to pull themselves back up. Creating independence is a key element to the classes, therefore helping people re-discover their confidence and stability.

Elderfit sessions undergo regular progress checks to ensure that there is evidence both of the physical and psychological benefits. Tom and Gareth encourage feedback from attendees, and are constantly adapting and changing the content of the classes based on requirements.

Exercise class for elderly people