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All bookings must be made via telephone, text message or whats app. Please contact the instructor associated with the class. There are limited numbers based on the Hall size.

We will take calls from 9-4 Monday to Friday. If we do not come back to you please leave a message.

💥Toms classes contact 07540806437
Monday Starting week beginning 7th June
✅ Whitchurch Ararat
11am advanced
✅ Penarth Methodist
✅ Barry highlight park
✅ Penarth methodist church 12.30pm
✅ Barry Highlight park 1.45pm
✅ Whitchurch methodist church
12pm Advanced

💥💥Gareths classes contact 07731 382224
Starting Monday 7th June
✅ Maes y coed 12-12.45pm

💥💥💥Taliks classes 07455 277009
Tuesday starting 1/6/21
✅ Pentrych village hall 2pm
✅ Fairwater Presbyterian church hall 3:15pm
Fridays starting 11-6-21
✅ Sbectrwm centre 10am
✅ Canton St Luke’s 12pm

If you have your own resistance please bring it with you. We will have bands to give out so no problem if you don’t have one.

We can not wait to see you 😁

Exercise classes now online

Since the start of lockdown, we have been working hard to make sure our participants can stay safe and healthy from their own homes. To do this we have recorded a series of workout videos which can be viewed direct through our website. The videos can be accessed via the members area and can be played at any time and as many times as necessary.

The workouts are currently split into 5 categories; stretches, balances, techniques, workout of the week and workout of the month. You can also play our DVD – a full seated and standing workout, over half an hour long.

We understand a large part of our group sessions is the social aspect. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, we cant replace this. However, by signing up to our members area, you will get access to our community forum. This will allow you you to keep in touch with other participants as well as us (Gareth and Tom), so if you have any questions for us, we can answer them there.

The members area costs £10 a month and if you sign up today, your first month will be completely free and you can also cancel at any time. If you would prefer to stream the DVD and access the forum only (no other workouts), then that is a one-off cost of £10.

You can learn more on the members area page. As usual, if you have any questions, just get in touch.

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Elderfit are People’s Project 2017 Winners!

After two weeks of nervous nail biting, we’re so proud to say that Elderfit is a People’s Projects 2017 winner!

We’ve been awarded £47,480 of lottery funding, which will aid us so much in helping even more people.

So what’s next for Elderfit? The funding will allow us to continue supporting older people to stay fit and healthy by producing an easy-to-follow exercise DVD, focusing on increasing their confidence, strength and balance to reduce their likelihood of falling. We’ll also be able to train more people in strength and balance qualifications to increase the number of people being supported.

A massive thank you to everyone who has supported us, it’s your votes that got us here and there are no words to say how grateful we are.


p.s. New sessions coming soon- first session is completely free! Please take a look at our schedule to find classes near you.

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Session Videos: Maes-y-Coed, Cardiff

You don’t need to be a certain age or already have a certain fitness level to attend any of Elderfit’s sessions. One of our biggest groups is a true reflection of this – Maes Y Coed community centre. The sessions started in January 2015 with 6 people. Since then, it’s grown to a regular crew of 18 people every Monday.

The attendees range from 60 year olds who just want to keep active, to 90 year olds who challenge themselves to walk across the hall. The exercises we do are completely customisable to all fitness levels, people can work to their own ability and challenge themselves as much as they like. The class routine changes week to week so every session is different, and no one gets bored with the content.

The best part about coming to Elderfit sessions? The social element! People don’t just come to get moving, they come to make friends and have fun whilst getting fit. Our sessions don’t just provide a chance to get active, they create friendships and the chance to meet likeminded people of all ages. We even had a mini Christmas party with some fizz and (questionable) homemade mince pies from Gareth!

“I’ve been coming to Elderfit’s Monday class at MYC Community Centre for about 4 months now and find it very beneficial to both my physical and mental wellbeing. It’s 60 minutes of strength and balance exercises as well as being a social meeting that includes fun and lots of laughter. The group is a cross section of men and women who have the common goal of keeping as fit and healthy as they possibly can whilst exchanging lots of banter and laughter throughout the session. I find there is a large variation in physical abilities within the group but all the exercises can be adapted to your own personal level – a simple squat or lunge can be as strenuous as you want to make it. Gareth is a great motivator and whilst doing the various exercises, I have found my core strength and balance to already have improved substantially. I would recommend Elderfit sessions as a means of keeping on top of the onset of old age as well as for meeting and making new friends”. 

– Maes-y-Coed regular Spencer, aged 62

To see what a typical Maes Y Coed session looks like, please watch the video below. Or even better, why not come along to a session and see how Elderfit can benefit you?

These sessions take place at Maes-y-Coed Community Centre at 12-1pm every Monday. For more information please call Gareth on 07515 462 191.

Can’t make Mondays? Take a look at our calendar to see what other sessions you can make!

Alf’s Story

Here at Elderfit, we love hearing how our sessions have helped transform people’s lives. One of the most heart-warming stories we’ve heard so far is from Alf Heffell, aged 67. Diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA), Alf’s doctor referred him to an exercise programme after surgery and Alf began Elderfit sessions three times a week with Gareth. He’s since noticed a drastic change in his health and no longer needs machinery to sleep, which he credits to regular Elderfit sessions.

‘I was diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) in 2000. It occurs when a person stops breathing during sleep the airways collapse and adequate airflow cannot reach the lungs.

The most common treatment is CPAP therapy (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure). This is provided by a machine which delivers a flow of air at a set pressure to overcome the obstruction during sleep.

Following a neck operation I was given a doctors referral to exercise classes over a 16 week period. These started in January 2015, and when they ended I joined the Active scheme and continue the classes 3 times a week with Gareth.

In January 2016 I went for my annual OSA review and following information downloaded from my CPAP, I was told that my OSA may have cleared. Following further tests in Feb/ March 2016 I received a phone call from Llandough Hospital that I was clear after 15 years.

This is down to the exercise classes I attended with Gareth, and under his guidance, my lung capacity has increased and no more OSA.

Thank you Gareth.’

– Alf Heffell (aged 67).

To find your nearest Elderfit session, visit our calendar or call Gareth on 07515 462 191 to find out how Elderfit could potentially change your life, as it has done to Alf’s.

So who are we and what do we do?

Elderfit was started by friends Gareth & Tom, who have worked together within the fitness industry for the past 15 years.

Our aim is to improve the wellbeing of not only older people but all we have the pleasure of meeting.

We have designed fitness sessions which can be carried out by everyone, specifically those with a history of falling. These sessions are designed to increase strength & balance, and reduce the risk of falling. We currently run sessions at community facilities as well as private care homes, and we are always amazed as to the capabilities of individuals. Our sessions don’t only improve strength & balance, but also add a major social element to people’s week, bringing them together for the same reason. This goes towards combating loneliness & isolation, especially in the elderly.

Cost of falls to the NHS is in the millions and always rising. We are passionate about reducing this figure, acting as primary care, preventing falls before they have happened. Strong evidence has proven that strength & balance sessions do reduce the risk of falling and improve wellbeing.

Elderfit story

2013 – Gareth was asked to do some exercise classes in the local Hindu centre, after taking these classes he realised the important nature of keeping active in your later years and decided to approach local care homes in regards to taking further classes based on Strength and Balance exercises.

2014 – Gareth has now established 8 regular care home classes much through word of mouth and is looking to branch out more classes around south wales so asks Tom to help out. Tom soon establishes 5 classes himself. They decide on the company name Elderfit

2015 – After a productive meeting with Cardiff third sector it is decided that Elderfit is to become a Community Interest company. In August 2015 it becomes official.

In 2015 Tom and Gareth network with public health wales, ageing well wales and meet with the Health minister of wales team after they heard about the good work of the Elderfit. These meetings were very productive as it opened up new avenues to branch the classes out into open access community classes.

2016 – After a successful lottery application Elderfit’s first community classes where set up in Whitchurch and Maes Y Coed. Two extra new sessions have also been funded by community first.

The classes continue to use the evidence based strength and balance exercise which show improvement over an 8 week period, the data is recorded via a sit to stand test and used to show individual’s the progress they have made.

Webpage goes live.

Future 2016 – Elderfit are working on a number of exciting projects that we hope will benefit local communities, people who may be considered lonely or vulnerable, have lack of mobility or transport.