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FaME exercise programme celebrates significant physical improvements and improved well-being

Posted on 12th January 2024

The FaME (Falls Management Exercise) programme, dedicated to enhancing strength, balance, and stability in older adults, has reported impressive results after monitoring participants throughout the 24-week course.

FaME is delivered by qualified exercise instructors in small groups, and focuses on improving participants’ strength, balance, and overall stability. The classes, tailored to individual abilities, incorporate a unique approach known as ‘backward chaining,’ emphasizing safe floor movements and the ability to get up effectively after a fall. The programme runs once a week for 24 weeks, allowing individuals to progress, gain confidence, and feel steadier on their feet.

Monitoring Process

Participants were closely monitored through functional assessments, with the same exercises performed in both the first and final weeks (Week 1 and Week 24). Assessments included mobility, range of movement, and flexibility tests, such as the timed up-and-go from a seated position.

Positive Results

The overall data from participants revealed remarkable increases, including a 25% rise in their Total Mobility Score, a 28% increase in the Total Turn Score, a 35% improvement in REACH, and a 29% increase in the  up-and-go test.

Fran, a participant in the FaME programme, shared her success: “I feel as though I’m actually taking charge of myself. I’m not just waiting to be the little old lady that’s chauffeured around by everybody. Even my grandsons have commented that I look taller!”

FaME classes are conducted in local community venues, and not only deliver physical benefits but also provide a social platform for participants. One attendee expressed, “I mostly like the FaME class because it’s so light-hearted and friendly. The atmosphere is lovely. We always have a laugh whilst prioritising our health.

Future FaME Plans

The FaME programme continues to prove its effectiveness in promoting a sense of achievement, positivity, and improved well-being among its participants.

Future FaME courses are set to begin in 2024. Interested participants can self-refer to a FaME course via the Keeping Me Well website.

Join the FaME community – where every step is a step towards enhanced well-being.