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Posted on 5th July 2024

We’re excited to share the results of our latest FaME (Falls Management Exercise) course, recently completed in Ely. Once again, the 24 week program has demonstrated its effectiveness in enhancing participants’ physical abilities and overall well-being. Read about our previous success in the Riverside programme here.

Here’s a detailed look at the outcomes:

Key Improvements

Total Mobility: Participants showed an overall improvement of 13% in total mobility. While this increase was not statistically significant due to the low sample size, it still indicates a positive trend in the mobility of our participants.

Total Turn Score: There was a 6% improvement in the total turn score. Similar to total mobility, this result was not significantly different, but it highlights a noteworthy enhancement in participants’ ability to turn, which is crucial for daily activities.

Significant Gains Reach: One of the most impressive outcomes was a 35% improvement in reach. This significant enhancement demonstrates the course’s effectiveness in improving participants’ flexibility and upper body strength.

“Up & Go” Test: Participants also showed a 14% improvement in the “Up & Go” test, which is a significant measure of functional mobility. This result indicates that our participants can move more quickly and efficiently from a seated position to standing and walking.

Across the board, every participant experienced improvement in at least two areas. These consistent gains underscore the program’s comprehensive approach to enhancing physical function and mobility. The positive impact on people’s everday lives is reflected in how much easier they find day to day tasks- one participant commented that she was able to hang the washing on the line for the first time in years!

The results from this latest FaME course are a testament to the program’s continued success in delivering excellent outcomes- the overall improvements are clear and encouraging. We are proud of the progress our participants have made and look forward to helping more individuals achieve similar success in future courses.

Future FaME courses will be running later in 2024 in Ely Hub, Star Hub, and in Penarth. Interested participants can self-refer to a FaME course via the Keeping Me Well website.