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Preventing Falls, Enhancing Lives: Elderfit’s Successful FaME Class

Posted on 11th June 2023

We’re excited to share the success of our recent FaME class, a specialised strength and balance exercise program designed for older adults. Elderfit are committed to empowering seniors to live active, independent lives, and the FaME class has proven to be an effective tool in achieving that goal.

We recently ran a FaME course of 10 participants, from October 2022 to April 2023. Through tailored exercises, participants engaged in a 24-week program that included group-based sessions and specific home exercises. By targeting functional leg muscle strengthening, balance retraining, and bone-loading exercises, the FAME class equips seniors with the necessary tools to prevent falls, maintain mobility, and improve overall well-being. A key element to the class is ‘backward chaining’; the process of getting onto the floor safely, with the long term goal to effectively train people in getting up safely from a fall. Feedback from class members was excellent, with participants enjoying the classes and feeling more physically confident in general.

The success of the FAME class lies in its evidence-based approach. Clinical trials have demonstrated its ability to reduce the rate of falls, increase physical activity levels, and improve overall health in older adults. By participating in the FaME class, seniors have the opportunity to improve their range of motion, increase muscle strength, and enhance cardiovascular endurance. Moreover, the social aspect of the class fosters connections and friendships, as the same participants attend each week and create a supportive community.

Due to the success of the course, further 24 week classes will be run throughout Cardiff and the Vale over the next two years.

Participants will need to be self-referred to the FaME courses, via the Elderfit and Keeping Me Well website (more details and registration link to follow soon on our website).

Quotes from course participants

I feel more confident and can enjoy all sorts of things without worrying about balance issues.”

“This course has improved my confidence and encouraged me to continue with further exercises in the future whether at a class or at home. The exercise in getting up from the floor has been extremely useful and I have used the procedure on quite a few occasions.”

“I was very pleased that the physio recommended me this course and it will teach me the correct way of doing jobs about the house and outside whilst walking and going about my daily life.”

“It has made me have contact with other people instead of remaining at home for fear of falling.”

“The course was expertly delivered and certainly made me more confident.”