Barbara Thomas

Posted on 28th July 2022

I am an elderly lady(!) in her70’s who, in order to keep mobile, attends weekly ” Elderfit” classes in the Hyb in Splott. Not only do we exercise our bodies we exercise our minds with group chatting. Great “Elderfit” innovation! Another recent innovation is group outings to “Pedal Power” in Sophia Gardens, Cardiff. Yes CYCLING! a real, moving bike (don’t worry, each chosen according to your capabilities) I hadn’t been on a bike for over 50 years. My initial reaction to the outing on wheels was PANIC!

Don’t worry, You can choose a bike with 1, 2, or 3 wheels¬† and 1 or 2 seats. There are manual bikes with gears and electric bikes. Bikes with or without crossbars. Quite a range as you can see and there are very helpful staff to find the right bike for you. Sophia Gardens and the Taff Trail are perfect surroundings for a ride (however far you choose to go)

The best bit of a” Pedal Power” outing is the visit to their cafe for cake , drink and a chat. Well you deserve a reward!

P.S. I regularly suffer from low mood and motivation, so when I tell you that I enjoyed the “Pedal Power” outing so much¬† that I went on my own the following week, feeling confident the staff would sort me out. And they did.