The British Lung Foundation Walk is Back!

Posted on 24th January 2022

In 2017, we did our first Elderfit walk to raise money for the British Lung Foundation. After two years of missing out, we’re thrilled to announce that this April we will once again be walking 5km around Roath Park Lake to support this amazing charity.

This year we will be walking in memory of Glynne Hole. Glynne was a true Elderfit Champion and someone who inspired others to attend our classes. Not only was he was the very first person to attend our first class many years ago, he encouraged others to come along and even served as a taxi driver to a few lucky participants.

Sadly Glynne passed away in 2020. This year, we will honour his commitment by naming the walk after him. After all, Glynne was the reason we started this walk and the reason we raise money for the BLF.

The walk will take place Wednesday 27th April with us all meeting at 10am and setting off shortly after that. This is not a competitive walk, it’s a social event with the opportunity to meet others from all of our classes. Although the route is approximately 5km there are plenty of shortcuts if you want to walk a little less. For those feeling particularly energetic there’s plenty of options to extend the walk.

Our main goal is to raise money for The British Lung Foundation, but we welcome those who want to take part without the intention of being sponsored. We’d love you to come along, have a chat and enjoy the scenery with the rest of us. At the end you’ll be greeted with a hot drink and a biscuit as your reward!

For more information (or to request a sponsorship form) please contact Gareth:
07731 382224