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Duration: 2 minutes
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Workouts for everyone

We are all about getting and keeping people moving, whether that be at a class or at home. These workouts are designed so that anyone, regardless of age or ability, can maintain strength, mobility and balance in the comfort of their home.

There will be different levels of workouts ranging from 3 minute kitchen workouts to more advanced 20 minute workouts. All we ask is you work within your limits and enjoy yourselves.

I’ve noticed a great improvement to my stamina and I’m doing exercises that I’d never have thought I could manage

Fran Griffiths

2nd March 2020

It has made a huge difference physically and has been a great way of having fun and meeting new people

Lisa Trigg

30th March 2018

Elderfit is a wonderful initiative. I have seen so much improvement in myself, friends and other class members

Alyson Courtenay

27th February 2020

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We've put some popular questions and snwers below, but if you have a question which isnt on the list, please contact us.

What if I don't have a PayPal account?

Don't worry. Once you have completed you registration form you will be taken to the paypal page. This is a secure page which will ask you to input your payment method and enter a password. Keep this safe as this will be your new PayPal password.

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When logged in, visit My Account and click the 'Subscriptions' tab. You will then see you current subscription. If you press the cancel button this will ensure you dont get charged again and your access to the members area content will expire at the end of the current cycle.

Do I need resistance band?

No you do not. All of our upper body and lower body exercises we do which use a band can be completed without one. You can purchase a resistance band from amazon if you would like to.

What should I wear?

Something you feel comfortable in. Nothing too restricting and definitely comfortable stable shoes.

What if I feel light headed or dizzy?

If at any point you feel light headed, dizzy or start experiencing pain or discomfort we ask that you stop immediately. Please, at any point if you want to sit down and take a break you do so.

What is the community forum?

This is an opportunity for all members to stay connected. You can chat amongst yourselves and even ask us questions if you have any. It is designed to increase social engagement.