Exciting projects coming in 2023

Posted on 6th January 2023

We’re so pleased to announce that we have several exciting projects in the works, thanks to The National Lottery community fund!

In November we started our monthly book club, Elderlit – a chance for book lovers to meet up and read something new over tea and cake.

Our Walk and Talk group recently had their first training session, and in the next few months we’ll be taking people out and hitting the trails for walks (and talks!)

And finally, we’re able to add more opportunities to run Pedal Power sessions. The National Lottery community fund has previously allowed us to introduce Pedal Power to a number of our class participants. Our participants’ ages range from 40 up to 96 years old, and many of them hadn’t been on a bike for 40 years. Pedal Power has given everyone the opportunity to get cycling again, and the accessible bikes make sure individual needs are met. Not only has this brought an additional social element to people’s week, it has offered everyone a chance to exercise in the beautiful surroundings of Bute Park, an area some people had not visited for many years due to the fear of venturing out alone.

Bringing older people together for exercise, social interaction and fun experiences has been at the core of Elderfit’s values since we started in 2015; providing this invaluable service has been incredibly rewarding for all involved, and we can’t thank the National Lottery enough for their continued support.